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Action Icons

These icons generally appear in the Content Header, which is displayed at the top of your table below the Menus.

Default Icons

When you build a new table in your Qrimp application, icons are created automatically based on the functionality that is possible within that table and according to the User Groups permissions. You can add or delete icons if you need more or less functionality. You can even create new actions by writing your own operations then choosing icons from the /icons/crystal_project/32x32 and putting them in the Headers and Footers.

Editing Actions

Go to the table and view you want to change the actions for. Then go to Develop > Header/Footer. You will see the HTML for the icons. If nothing is listed, you will need to edit the default header / footer for your table, which is part of the table definition.

The following are some default icons you will see in your Qrimp app.

Views Icons

These icons allow you to change the way you are viewing the data. To learn more, read about Views.
Calendar View
Tree View Tree View
Grid View Grid View
Reports Reports
Next Item Next Item - see NextPrevious
Previous Item Previous Item - see NextPrevious

Data Editing Icons

Add records, edit or copy existing records, search and delete your data and more.
Add New Create View
Search Search
Edit Table Display View Headers and Footers
Design Design View
delete Delete
Cancel Cancel

Advanced: Hiding Icon Labels in the Content Header

If you do not want to see the word that corresponds to the icon below the icon, you can change the stylesheet to #contentheader.label{display:none} or you can write a sql statement to remove them from all or selected tables. See Stylesheets, CSS and Using SQL Statements.