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Automating Synchronizer

If you would like to automate the synchronization process to create a redundant fail over system for disaster recovery, you will want to automate your Synchronizer on an hourly or daily interval.

Automating Synchronizer will allow you to create two systems that are identical up to the last synchronize -- including data and file attachments.

Because the synchronize process takes a bit of time itself, remote copies of applications are not identical and should not be considered identical. Using Synchronizer in this way is fine for remote sites that are all copies of a master. In this way, your system can be set up as a Content Delivery Network to serve users in remote locations on Qrimp nodes closer to them. You can also Automate Qrimp Publisher in this way to push static copies of your site to remote servers around the globe.

Imagine a scenario where your data management happens inside a firewall and you publish content to a CDN outside your firewall. You could first deploy your application from inside the firewall to a secure node in the cloud. Remote nodes around the world could be set to automatically synchronize from that remote node, then publish their contents using templates customized to the locale of the visitors hitting those nodes.

If you would like to configure Qrimp to deliver your information in this way, please contact Qrimp Support.