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Check POP3 Email Accounts

Add Qrimp's POP3 Email account checker to display your email addresses with a message count in brackets beside the name of the email address, like this: (7 new) (10 new)

You can set up each email address to link to the sign in page for the email provider. Depending on your provider, you may also be able to add automatic sign in when you click on the link.

You must be a site admin to add POP accounts.

Go to Admin > POP Email Accounts.

In the name field, enter the text for the link. You can use the email address name ie: "" or something like "My Web Mail Account".

In the userid drop-down list box, select the user who will check the account.

Enter the POP Server ie: If you are unsure what your POP Server address is, check email provider's help files.

In the popusername field, enter the email address, ie:

Enter the actual current password for the email account. If you are creating a POP Account for someone other than yourself, you will have to get them to do this. The password will always be displayed as stars (**********) to every user.

Enter the url of your email service (the page you visit to check your account). If your provider allows for automated sign in using a url, you can enter the specified url, and use square bracketed field names to populate the required user-specific information from the Qrimp POP Email Accounts table, as follows: popusername poppassword

Do not enter anything in the lastupdatedate field. It will update automatically.

Enter 0 in the messagecount field.

That's it.