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Default Start Page

You can set a default start page for each group in the User Group Settings. This determines which page any user in that group will see when they log in. By default, the start page for all user groups except anonymous is the Dashboard. The anonymous users group sees the login page by default, because they are not authorized to view any information unless you specify that they can.

You can change the default start page to almost any page or view in your app. Copy and paste a url with multiple Query String Parameters to sent user groups to very specific records and views.

Changing the Default Start Page

First, copy the url to the page you want your user group to go to. This could be something like "db.aspx?t=Projects&vid=11&id=4". This would take the user to the detail view for your Project with an id of 4.

Then, go to Admin > User Groups.

You will see a table showing existing user groups. Click the edit icon in the id column of the group you want to change.

Copy your url into the Default Start page field.

Click save.

To test, have a user from that group, log out and log back in to the system. When they log back in, they should start out at the new default start page.