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Enabling Google Fonts

If you'd like to take your Qrimp app to the next level of design, you'll probably want to add some new fonts. The Google Fonts API is the best way to make using more fonts easy!

For Google Fonts to work with IE, you must include a STYLE tag as the first line in the HEAD tag. To do this, we have a custom feature to modify the first line of your Qrimp app's HEAD tag.

This help file will walk you through the steps required to add the ability to modify your head tag.

First, you must add the HeadOptions column to the t_stylesheets table.

Choose Develop > Manage Tables
View System Tables
Find t_stylesheets (id: 16)
Click Edit for that table.
In the Add New Column section, enter headoptions for the column name and choose Single Line Text up to 255 characters as the data type
Click the Add Column button
Stay on this page to continue to the next part of this task.

Second, you need to update the headoptions field for the style sheet for which you want to include extra fonts.

To do that, at the top of the Edit t_stylesheets page, you'll see a link to t_stylesheets with a magnifying glass to the left of it.

Click that link. It will take you to /db.aspx?t=16 and show you a list of your stylesheets.

Click the edit icon () in the row of the stylesheet you want to enable fonts.

Paste the text box below into the headoptions field:

The code above includes ONLY the Smokum font, you'll need to update the list of fonts to include the fonts you want to add to your site. For example, to include Smokum and Bevan, you'll use the text in the following input:

For more information about creating the proper Google Fonts import link, please visit Google Font's getting started page: