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Enabling the Attachments Sidebar

To keep the size of your Qrimp application small, the attachments sidebar is not automatically visible on every table. If you would like to see attachments on the right in the detail view of each record, the table must be created with 'Attachments' enabled. If you do not see the attachments box to the right of your item, this option may not have been turned on. You can add it by following the instructions below.

Creating Tables with Attachments Sidebar Enabled

When you add a table, click the checkbox beside "Enable Attachmentsā€¯ in the Advanced options. (See Add a Table).

Enable Attachments Checkbox

Enabling Attachments Sidebar for Existing Tables

If you created a table without the attachments sidebar capability (see above), you will have to add some code that will turn this feature on for a table.

First, go to the table you want to add the sidebar to. Then go to Develop > Header/Footer (see Headers and Footers). Copy and paste the following HTML into the footer section:

Note: be sure to change the id number (tableid=1006 and t=1006) of the table to the id of your table. (See automaticids