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Input Security Restrictions

To add additional security around data Qrimp allows you to add white and black lists.

A Whitelist will only allow the characters specified in the list.

A Blacklist will strip out the characters specified in the list.

To add either functionality to a system the first step is Develop > System Tables.

Then click on the t_groups WITHOUT the magnifying glass.

To add the additional field to the table click on the Table Management Icon in the Content Header

Scroll down to "Add a Column" and input either inputwhitelist or inputblacklist all one word

Once the column is added there are two steps. First you must log out and log in to make the change take effect. Then go back to the table and click Design > Field Layout to move the field to a usable spot.

It should look like this when complete. Now click the Edit Icon in the Content Header enter in the characters that can ONLY be entered. For this example lets say I don't want numbers. I will only include the 26 letters of the alphabet and click save.