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Showing and Hiding Columns with the Query String



You can edit a url (link) to either show or hide columns in a table.

You can use the hide or select parameters to edit the url in your location bar and change the data that is displayed when you re-load your page.

You can also paste links to modified query strings into Menus, the Content Header, Field Templates and Views.


Hidecolumns hides the columns you specify. If you are looking at a table and it is too long, and you don't want to add custom views (sorting and filtering), you can quickly edit the url to hide a few of these columns, but every time you refresh the page, you will have to re-hide them.

To hide a columns edit the url as follows:

If you want to save this link as a menu tab, copy it from your location bar and type it into the linktemplate field of your menu tab (See edit a menu tab).

Note: Hidecolumns retrieves all of the columns from the database and pulls them into your browser, then hides them from view. For this reason, hidecolumns uses more bandwidth than selectcolumns.


You can retrieve and display only the particular columns you select using "selectcolumns" in your query string (url). A selectcolumns query is written as follows:

Because showing columns only pulls back the selected columns, it uses less bandwidth than hiding columns.