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Creating your own views

If you would like to display your information on a page in a custom layout, and none of the pre-configured data Views match the data in the table or the desired layout effect, you can create your own view.

In the Menus, go to Design > Views and click "Add New"

Create a descriptive name for your view that will help you remember it. For example, if you are creating a view showing only the images from your table, with a border around them, name the view "Images With Borders". In the "Description" area, use Qrimp Square Brackets notation or urls to pull in data from your table.

Formatting your data with HTML and CSS
Enter HTML and inline CSS tags in the description field to control how your data is displayed.

For example, let's say we had a small inventory table with four fields: id, ItemName, Description and ItemCount. We'll want to display only the name of the inventory item.

We can get the using square brackets as such - ItemName

We can also style this information. Let's imagine that we wish to make the ItemName an h2 and we'd like to make in a div with a red background.

Here is what our HTML and square brackets would look like:

And here is what our result would look like:

Inventory Item 1

This is just a basic example. Learn more about pulling data into page templates with Square Brackets