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Table Security

Table security lets you set permissions for each of your tables by user group (see also User Groups). You can set Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) access. Administrators can change security at any time.

Default Permissions

By default, new tables are only accessible to the Administrator and Developer groups. You must add permissions for other user groups. The User and Tester groups can read data, but not create, update, or delete it. The Anonymous (public/not logged in) group, and new user groups that you add cannot see anything unless you give them permission.

Adding Group Level Permissions to View a Table

To set which user groups can access a table, go to Develop > Manage Tables > Find your table > Click the "Group Security" link. Or go to your table and choose the Table Management sub-menu (if available).

From the table management page, click the link that says "Manage Group Security".

Toggle permissions by clicking the checkbox or circle with a line through it.

Advanced: View Security Permissions for all Tables

To view all of your Table Security Records, go to Develop> Manage Tables > View System Tables > t_security > View.

Depending on the size of your system, you may see hundreds or thousands of records. To find a record use the search feature.