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Site Header

The site header is an area of your Qrimp app that appears near the top of every page and every view. This is where you can find the logo, the login div, and the search bar. If you want to change just the logo, visit the help topic on Changing the Logo first.

Editing the Site Header

Go to Design > Skins. In the area under "Change Site Header and Footer" marked "Header" enter your HTML content and click save. Be cautious, as any changes you may have entered in the skin above will be lost when you save the site header/footer.

Replicating Look and Feel with Site Header

One of the fastest ways give a Qrimp app the same 'look and feel' as an existing site that you wish to migrate to Qrimp, is to copy the content from the page head or banner area near the top of the originating page.

To do this, copy the HTML and CSS from the originating page. If you have footer content, do the same, but copy and paste it into the Footer text box. You will surely have to make a few tweaks to width etc, and pull in any images, but this is a great 'head start'.


Since the site header can include any HTML, there is a chance that you can really disrupt the normal operation of your Qrimp app. For this reason, we strongly recommend you copy the Default Skin into another skin before you make changes. This way, you can make changes outside the normal site that your other users are using. Then, when the Header is working correctly, you can copy it into the Default Skin's Header for everyone else to enjoy too.

If you really break the site header, you can switch back to the Default Skin that works and then delete the new skin you were working on and start over or correct any issues.

If you are copy/pasting HTML from another website, be sure it doesn't include any FORM tags for search forms or other HTML. We recommend you start slowly with only minor changes.