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Howto: Build a Facebook App from Qrimp

First, you need to add the Developer app to your Facebook Profile, then create a new app. Type your application name where it says "tarasqrimp":

Next, you'll want to structure your Qrimp App URL to point to the information you want to bring into Facebook. Facebook doesn't allow the HTML HEAD tag or some others, so you'll need to add &noheader=true&nofooter=true to the end of your url. You can also use the &hidecolumns and &vid parameters to format the data the way you want it to appear, like this:

Copy and paste the url when it looks the way you want.

Next, edit your Facebook App like so:

Save your app and type the url to the Facebook app into your browser and you should see your Qrimp Data:

Be careful with your URLs in the templates of the view you use with the templates for the &vid view you specify. Facebook doesn't understand relative urls in the IMG SRC. You can use relative urls in the HREFs.

Also, Facebook's timeout is quite short, so the first time you access the app, it'll say there was an error, but it's just because the Qrimp Application pool is spinning up to serve your data. It'll be fast after the first time.

Have fun.


12/29/2007 11:47:00 AM