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Clean Urls

Clean urls direct visitors to a shortened version of the web address (url) for your site. Clean urls help make web addresses "human readable" and improve search engine optimization (SEO) by indicating to the search engine that the page content at a web address is the same as the terms searched. This is great for public-facing websites, splash pages and any other site that you would like visitors to access easily, remember and link to.

Clean vs. Dirty

Dirty url:
Clean url:

Creating clean urls

To create clean urls, go to Develop > Add Module > Clean URL Mapper. Once your clean url table is created, navigate to Design > Clean URL Map. Enter the 'clean url' that you would like users to type in and the 'dirty url' that is used to access the item directly.
Entering the clean and dirty urls
Click the add new icon . You will see two fields "dirty url" and "clean url".
Dirty Url
In the dirty url field, enter the part of the address of the table/id/view, starting at db.aspx like so: db.aspx?t=OscarsTable&id=1&vid=1. It is important to enter only the end of your url, starting at db.aspx. Do not enter the "" or a backslash (/).
Clean Url
This is the name of the site to which you are directing traffic, for example "home". Enter only the word you want to appear after your site name in the url and nothing else.

Advanced Clean URLs
Full web address on the Qrimp platform contain the db.aspx page, your table name, the record number and the view. The link below shows the "American Gangster" Record of the Oscars table in detail view.

You can use Field names and view numbers in your clean url to make your web address "human readable". Replace spaces in your records with a plus sign.

The web address is hierarchical, from site name to table name to record name to view:

The itemname and viewname can be replaced with the number representing the ID for the entry as well:
Adding Static Content with Clean Urls
Use Clean Urls with a Pages table to manage static websites.
Watch this demo to learn more:

The clean url mapper will comb the Pages table for pages that contain the word in your clean url when executing a clean url.