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How Qrimp Handles Dates

Qrimp only has a date/time field. It does not have a time field. If you need to enter a time, you must do so in the date/time field, like so: 4/17/2003 10:30 AM. (See datatypes). If you want to have an event occur the same time every day, without setting the day, you can use the recurring feature of the calendar.

All dates and times are stored in the database in Universal Time Code (UTC). If you enter a time with your date, it's converted to UTC before the value is persisted (stored in the database).

Entering dates and times together into Qrimp's date/time field.

If you enter a time with the date, Qrimp stores the time AND the date in that field.

If you enter only a date, Qrimp will store the time as midnight. If you don't enter a time, time zone conversion is not performed on the date/time value in queries. If you just enter 4/17/2003 without a time, it will store it as 4/17/2003 00:00:00.

Dates without 00:00:00 are not converted using Time Zone Awareness.

If you do enter a time when you do your data entry, the date/time is converted into the user's time zone before being compared to any query parameters.

This is only true of the search engine, query string parameters and the custom view builder. If you write a custom query using the query builder, you may need to accommodate the time zone yourself (depending on the query).

We have a square brackets value called [UTC_OFFSET].