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Remember Me

Remember me is a checkbox you can click when you log in. It tells Qrimp to remember you the next time you access your app from that browser on that computer. By default you will only be remembered on the last browser and device you logged in from. If you click remember me on your laptop and then access the site from your mobile, you won't be remembered when your return to your laptop. If you clicked the remember me check box on a computer or device and then access the site from that same device, you will be remembered, but only on that one device.

Remember me on Multiple Computers

If you use your Qrimp app from multiple browsers or devices such as a work computer, your own laptop and your mobile device, and do not want to re-enter your log in information every time, you may wish to install the "Remember me on multiple computers" module. Please do not install if security is a concern. See Adding Modules. If you add this module, then Qrimp will remember you across multiple devices and computers.

Being remembered across multiple devices introduces increased possibilities for unauthorized access. If someone logs on at your home while you are at work, then they may be able to see things you don't want them to. If you don't add this module once you log in on a new device, someone using another device will have to log in again. If you add the module though, you could be logged in at home and at work at the same time -- and one of those could be someone else.

Prevent Session Timeouts

One great benefit of "Remember Me" is that your session won't be timed out. Without remember me, you are logged out after 20 minutes of inactivity. If you were typing one message for that long the message could be lost when you're asked to log in again. Clicking the remember me check box will ensure you're logged in automatically again when you click the send button and whatever you've been typing won't be lost. Note: Most newer browsers will remember what you have typed into a text area.

In-App logins: The Admin Screen

Qrimp has additional password protection for areas of the site that are behind the admin screen. The admin screen is a barrier that requires additional login before granting access to certain sensitive or important features of your app. In order to protect your app in the case that you are logged in and someone else accesses your account (ie: from your computer when you aren't at your desk). Even if you're logged in via a remembered session, you will have to log in again for further access. For example, if you want to create a user, even if you've accessed the site via a remembered session, we'll ask you to log in again.

This will prevent those who shouldn't be accessing your Qrimp app from having too much access. Some areas behind the admin screen are users, table management, portals, modules, queries, and operations.