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Site Footer

The site footer is used mainly if you have build an external website with Qrimp. Information in the footer will generally appear on all pages on the site. Web developers typically put information in the footer that is less important, such as copyright date, site developer, terms of service, contact links, etc.

Editing the Site Footer

Go to Design > Skins. In the area under "Change Site Header and Footer" marked "Footer" enter your HTML content and click save. Be cautious, as any changes you may have entered in the skin above will be lost when you save the site header/footer.

Replicating Look and Feel with Site Header/Footer

One of the fastest ways give a Qrimp app the same 'look and feel' as an existing site that you wish to migrate to Qrimp, is to copy the content from the footer near the bottom of the originating page.

To do this, copy the HTML and CSS from the originating page. If you have header content, do the same, but copy and paste it into the Header text box. You will surely have to make a few tweaks to width etc, and pull in any images, but this should start you off on the right foot.