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The System Tables

The system tables are the core tables that govern the basic functionality of Qrimp applications. Only administrators can see system tables. Some system tables will be hidden from even the administrators, as modifying or deleting these tables can cause serious system errors. The system tables are the Qrimp equivalent to the system tables on your operating system. If you find that you need access to system tables that you do not have permission to edit from your account, please contact support at

You will probably get along quite well without changing any system tables. Most of them run in the background, but are essential to different parts of the application and the tables you will create. For example, every application has the system table yesno. This table one of the default Look-up Tables for yes/no drop-down lists in new tables you create. It will be used by any table that has yes/no radio buttons as a data entry option. You can see this when you Create Tables and choose your datatype.

If you are creating admin accounts, you'll want to make sure only expert users have access to these tables.

To learn more about enforcing access rules read Table Security.