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Demo Help Landing Page

Qrimp is an online tool that allows you to create web applications right from your browser. Qrimp is cool because building web apps usually requires an in-depth understanding of computer programming, database modeling, hosting providers, and expensive hardware and development environments.

If all that is Geek to you, you've come to the right place!
Qrimp lets you build complex database web applications without a four-year degree in computer science. You can create a Qrimp application using only your web browser - no downloads required.

Login and Look Around
In the general public demo, you can create your own data tables. You will also see several tables we created. Navigate them using the menu tabs above. Once logged in you can build your own application components. It does take a little bit of brain power to learn the system, that's why we're here to help if you need us. Be sure to check out ouronline videos to help you get started.

Create as many tables as you like, add data, look around. Please remember that tables you create can be viewed by other users with demo accounts, so do not import private data!

Developer Access
Demo accounts are set up with "Developer" privileges only. The Administrator Tab, which allows you to add users, groups, notifications and change security settings is only available to users who qualify for Beta accounts.

Sample Data
Qrimp is designed to allow you to manage any kind of information you want. To see a business application, visit the Phonia CRM application.

Phonía is a fictional cell phone import company for which we built a CRM demo application. Login to Phonía with an automatic account to see more.

The tables were created using public domain data from the U.S. Federal Government. You can view Presidential Campaign Contribution Matching, Vehicle Fuel Economy and Congressional Earmarks data. Hover over a tab to see custom reports and see the data in different view such as calendar and grid.

You will notice that you will see different amounts of information when you are logged in. We did this to illustrate how easy it is to add public data access using column level security. Anonymous users will not see reports, or the last name or addresses of campaign contributors.

Qrimp Demo Maintenance
Please note that we reserve the right to periodically "clean up" the demo app, which may include deleting some of the test tables if needed.

To learn more, check out the Qrimp developer site where you can find forums, help files and request support.

If you like what you see, and would like to have a private Beta account, sign up here.

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