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Assigning Users to Groups

By default, every Qrimp application comes with the following user groups: Administrator, Developer, Tester, User and Anonymous. You may wish to create additional groups based on specifics of your organization, such as "Accounting", "Editors" or "Human Resources".

By default the first user is an Administrator. Administrators can see most tables by default.

To add a user to a group go to Admin > Assign User to Groups. Click the add new icon.

You will see two drop-down boxes. Choose the user from the first, and the group from the second. Click the Create button.

You must repeat this process for each user and each group.

Bulk Assigning

To bulk assign users to groups, go to the gridedit view of your users table. There is no link to this by default so you will have to type in a url: Replace myapp with your app name.


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