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How to reset a user's password

Preface: If the user has attempted to log in several times and failed, their account my be locked out and they will need to wait until the lockout expires. Please tell them to wait and try again in 10 minutes.

If you still need to reset the password, simply enter the user's email address on the login help screen and tell Qrimp to email them a link to reset their password. Please see Help Topic #238: Forgot Password for more info.

You can also send them a new temporary password by reapproving their account.
  1. Go to Admin > Manage Users
  2. Click the table view icon
  3. Click the username in the Username field of the table view, the left most name in default Qrimp setups.
  4. You will now be looking at the approve user account.
  5. Verify the correct user group
  6. Click approve, the user will receive a new email with a username and temporary password.

TIP: You may want to write down or copy/paste the temporary password for the
new user in case they do not receive the email notification.

NOTE: Sometimes due to email configuration settings, new users will not
receive their username/password email notification. If you reset a password
or create a new account and the user does not receive the email, here's
what to do when Users aren't receiving their temporary password email