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Date Formats

Sometimes you want to display dates in a particular format that suits the context. Maybe you only want to display the time or the day. You can do this with square brackets notation like so:

Where datevalue is any valid date including square bracket notation references to column names or the current system time [CURRENTDATETIME] and validdateformat is a string built from the components below.


MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm tt produces [CURRENTDATETIME]

ddd, dd MMM yyy HH:mm:ss GMT zz produces [CURRENTDATETIME] (this is the format for XML)

Here are more options for date formats

d - Short date
%d - Day number
M?d - Month and day number
dd - Day number, two digits
ddd - Abbreviated day name
dddd - Full day name
f - Full (long date, short time)
%f - Fractions of second, one digit
s^f - Seconds and fractions of second, one digit
ff - Fractions of second, two digits
fff - Fractions of second, three digits
ffff - Fractions of second, four digits
g - General
%g - Era (eg. A.D.)
y-g - Year and era (eg. 5-A.D.)
gg - Era (eg. A.D.)
h - Hour (1-12) (Doesn't seem to work)
%h - Hour (1-12)
h-m - Hour and minute
hh - Hour (01-12)
H - Hour (0-23) (Doesn't seem to work)
HH - Hour (00-23)
m - Month name and date
%m - Minute (0-59)
hh_m - Hour and minute (0-59)
mm - Minute (00-59)
M - Month name and date
%M - Month number (1-12)
M d - Month number and day number
MM - Month number (01-12)
MMM - Month abbreviation
MMMM - Month name
s - Standard sortable date/time
%s - Seconds (0-59)
s^ff - Seconds (0-59) and fraction of seconds
ss - Seconds (00-59)
t - Long time
%t - First letter of AM/PM designator
hh t - Hour and first letter of AM/PM designator
tt - AM/PM designator
y - Short date
%y - Year (0-99)
m-y - Month and year
yy - Year (00-99)
yyyy - Year (0000-9999)
z - Doesn't work
%z - Whole hour time zone (-12 to 13)
Zone:z - Zone - and whole hour time zone (-12 to 13)
zz - Whole hour time zone (-12 to 13) with two digits
zzz - Time zone in hours and minutes})