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Users aren't receiving their temporary password email

Qrimp sends many emails every day and sometimes those emails are blocked
by email settings at the recipient end. In this case, the user will not
receive their username and password email when you create their account.

The long-term solution is to add Qrimp's support email account to your
email filtering software's safe list. ConstantContact maintains a help
topic on how to add safe senders in many different email programs.

Sometimes the above step won't work or you need an administrator to help,
but in the meantime, you need to get your new users into the system. The
best way to do this is to follow our guide on How to reset a users password in Qrimp.

IMPORTANT: When you click the Approve account in the final step, write down or
copy/paste the temporary password so you can share it with the new user
via email or in person.


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