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deleteedit1296How Qrimp Handles DatesQrimp only has a date/time field. It does not have a time field. If you need to enter a time, you must do so in the date/time field, like so: 4/17/2003 10:30 AM. (See [datatypes]). If you want to have an event occur the same time every day, without setting the day, you can use the recurring feature of the calendar.

All dates and times are stored in the database in Universal Time Code (UTC). If you enter a time with your date, it's converted to UTC before the value is persisted (stored in the database).

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<span class="small">Entering dates and times together into Qrimp's date/time field.</span>

If you enter a time with the date, Qrimp stores the time AND the date in that field.

If you enter only a date, Qrimp will store the time as midnight. If you don't enter a time, time zone conversion is not performed on the date/time value in queries. If you just enter 4/17/2003 without a time, it will store it as 4/17/2003 00:00:00.

Dates without 00:00:00 are not converted using [Time Zone Awareness].

If you do enter a time when you do your data entry, the date/time is converted into the user's time zone before being compared to any query parameters.

This is only true of the search engine, query string parameters and the custom view builder. If you write a custom query using the query builder, you may need to accommodate the time zone yourself (depending on the query).

We have a square brackets value called <noeval>-5</noeval>.
Time Zone Awareness
deleteedit1297BillingCover topics related to paying for your Qrimp account and Services
deleteedit1298Hourly ServicesQrimp can provide technical services such as those performed by a programmer, DBA, or data entry and formatting.

Our current hourly rate is $150/hr and our minimum billing increment is 15 minutes.
deleteedit1299I created a new field but my users can't see itSee [Column Level Security].Adding Columns
deleteedit1300Add a User Group<span class="error"><em>Caution: If you add a user group, they will need permissions added manually to all tables and menus. They may also need permissions added to many [system tables] - portals (to see portals), queries, t_group_query, views etc. If any of this is done wrong, the user will not see things they should see.</em></span>

To add a new user group go to Admin > Manage Users.

Click the link on the top of the page that says "Manage Security Groups".

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Click the "Add New" button to add a new security group.

To edit the settings for an existing security group, click the edit icon.

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User Groups
deleteedit1301Links from my Views give me an errorIf you want to be able to click a record from a view and go to that record, you must include the id column when you are creating your view.Custom Views (Sorting and Filtering)
deleteedit1302Creating your own error messagesQrimp has several default error messages for when things go wrong. The Qrimp stylesheet also has a class called "error" which is red text by default. You can change this to make it more or less obvious.

<h3>Adding Error Messages</h3>
If you have added custom [JavaScript] or other functionality, you may wish to add your own error messages. To do this go Admin > Error Messages and fill out the required fields.
Javascript and JQuery in Qrimp
deleteedit1305The item has been deleted.This error appears when an item is deleted.

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To continue using your app, just click any button and then navigate back to what you were doing.
Error Messages
deleteedit1306You entered a value that was not the correct type.If you are doing data entry, you may get this error if the data in one of your records does not match the [datatype] for that field.

If you are entering a number (with or without decimals) please don't enter commas.

You will also get this error if you are in a custom view ([Custom Views (Sorting and Filtering)], but do not have the id column included in the view, and you attempt to click through a link to a record.
Error Messages
deleteedit1308You have not included NumCurrentUsers in your column list above.Occurs in [Custom View (Sorting and Filtering)].

If you are trying to add totals or subtotals, you must first add a column to your view.

Error Messages
deleteedit1309Name input maximum is 50, but 64 characters were submittedYou will get this error or something similar to it if you are trying to enter data that is longer than the amount of characters specified in the [datatype] for that [database table].

To fix this error, go back and enter shorter data, or if you are an admin, you can extend the length of the field using [Table Management].
Error Messages
deleteedit1310Conversion failed when converting the varchar value 'Active' to data type intIf you get a conversion failed error, it is a problem with the [datatype]. If you are trying to create a view or other numerical calculation with the = operator symbol please change the = to contains.Error Messages
deleteedit1311PayPal Order IPN ModuleHelp Topic coming soon.Modules
deleteedit1313Add a Menu LinkMenu links to your tables and to other areas of your app such as [Dashboard] and Admin, Develop and Design (if a user is permitted).

To add a menu tab, go to Develop > Manage Menus then click the Create Menu Item button.

Enter the following information:

Name: The word that will appear in the Menu Tab.

Link template: Enter the url that you would like users to land on when they click the tab. It is easiest to navigate to the data and the view (see Views) first, then copy/paste that url.

Parent Menu: Choose a top level menu tab to show your menu in a sub-menu below it.

Description (Optional): Enter a description.

Icon (Optional): Click the edit link and choose an icon.

Security: Select which groups can see the menu tab (See also [Group Menu Visibility]).
deleteedit1314Default View on the Custom View BuilderThe default in the custom view builder is a modified version of the [Grid View].

You can modify the default view with:

[Grid Edit]
[Reordering Fields]
[Hiding Fields]
[Column Level Security]
Links in the [Menus]
[Field Templates]

There is not any way to delete this default view from your list at this time.
Custom Views (Sorting and Filtering)
deleteedit1315Manually Subscribing Users to PortalsYou can 'subscribe' to existing portals.

Go to Design > Portals. You will see a list of Portals. Click the name of the portal you want to subscribe to. On the right, click the top link that says "Portal Subscriptions".

Click the names of the users who should see that portal on their [Dashboard].
deleteedit1316Edit a Menu TabYou can change the text on a menu tab to say anything.

You can also edit where a user goes when they click on a menu.

If you want to change the link the menu tab goes to, first go to the table and view you want to change it to, then copy the <a href="db.aspx?t=HelpTopics&id=261&vid=11">url</a> to your clipboard.

<img class="border" src="attachments/" />

Now, go to Develop > Manage Menus.

<img class="border" src="attachments/" />

Click "Edit Menu Item".

<img class="border" src="/attachments/" />

Click the name of the menu tab you want to edit.

<img class="border" src="attachments/" />

Enter your new text in the name, or paste your url into the link field, then click Save.

<img class="border" src="attachments/" />

Now, try clicking on the menu tab to make sure it worked.
deleteedit1317You must enter a value for itemtemplate. Please click your browser's back button and enter somethingOnce you edit a field template, you can no longer leave it blank.

If you try to leave it blank, you will get this error message:

"You must enter a value for itemtemplate. Please click your browser's back button and enter something for itemtemplate."

If you really want to leave the template blank, you can enter an empty <noeval>[HTML]</noeval> tag, such as
Error Messages
deleteedit1318How to reset a user's passwordPreface: If the user has attempted to log in several times and failed, their account my be locked out and they will need to wait until the lockout expires. Please tell them to wait and try again in 10 minutes.

If you still need to reset the password, simply enter the user's email address on the login help screen and tell Qrimp to email them a link to reset their password. Please see <a href="help#238">Help Topic #238: Forgot Password</a> for more info.

You can also send them a new temporary password by reapproving their account.
<ol><li>Go to Admin > Manage Users
<li>Click the table view icon
<li>Click the username in the Username field of the table view, the left most name in default Qrimp setups.
<li>You will now be looking at the approve user account.
<li>Verify the correct user group
<li>Click approve, the user will receive a new email with a username and temporary password.
TIP: You may want to write down or copy/paste the temporary password for the
new user in case they do not receive the email notification.

NOTE: Sometimes due to email configuration settings, new users will not
receive their username/password email notification. If you reset a password
or create a new account and the user does not receive the email, here's
what to do when <a href="help#1343">Users aren't receiving their temporary password email</a>
Logging in
deleteedit1319Table ManagementDevelop > Manage Tables

You can click the edit link for the table to edit the columns and field types for your tables. You can also manage [group security] and [column security] as well. Click the settings link to change the title of the table, enter default templates and pick the field to show in drop downs or links to items in the table. You can also enter an [SQLSecurity] clause to restrict access to records in your table or [show and hide items in a drop down box].
Manage Tables
deleteedit1320Site SearchTo search your entire site (all tables in your Qrimp app), use the search field at the top right of your app.

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You will see a list of any tables that contain the word or number you searched for.

Click the link to go to that table or record.

deleteedit1321Date SearchTo search by date, look near the top right of your app. You will see a calendar icon. Click on the icon.

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Click a date then click search.
<img class="border" src="attachments/" />

Your search results appear. They are linked to the database records, so click them to go to the record.
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deleteedit1322Table SearchTo search a table, click on the search icon <img class="noborder" align="absmiddle" src="/icons/crystal_project/32x32/actions/filefind.png"> in the [Content Header].

<img class="border" src="attachments/" />

You will see a dialog box that will allow you to enter criteria for your search:

<img class="border" src="/attachments/12e532dc-8bc0-46c0-b26b-11494d7d4bbb/searchdialogbox.png">

Choose a search filter from the drop-down list of operators (contains, greater than, equals, etc.) to limit the results of your search. For example, if we only wanted to find modules that contained the word "tasks" in the description field, our search would look like this:

<img class="border" src="/attachments/fca0436d-1a11-4662-8b1a-9e6a22b370a5/searchfilter.png" />
deleteedit1323Changing the Look and Feel of Your AppYou can change the colors, fonts, logos and more in your Qrimp app.Display and Design
deleteedit1324Above and beside your dataAbove your data, you generally find the Header and below, you find the footer, or 'rightcontent' or [item footer].Navigation
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